Why Small Businesses should have an html coded website instead of using a platform like WordPress or Wix, to save themselves a lot of trouble.

When you need a new website as a business, there are many issues to consider: what is the goal, how do I get more sales out of it, how do I promote it, etc. However, the first thing you should think about before reaching out to agencies, is which platform you should use to build it on. This might seem a question you leave to the agencies, as they know best, but it can make a big difference for your sales if your agency uses the wrong platform.

Web building software has its limitations

No matter which platform your agency uses, it will have its limitations. Web building platforms, like WordPress, Joomla or Wix are all programs that have automated the writing of html code. The very first websites were programmed by writing out the entire html computer code that makes up a website. As this was too difficult for most people, web platforms were created that make creating a website simple by automating most of the html writing.

Take WordPress for example. Instead of a white screen where you start typing all the code, it has design templates ready to use and a dashboard where you can fill in text and images, that will automatically be placed in the right place in the template.

The problem is that by creating the dashboard and the templates, the program automatically creates limitations. In WordPress you have to add your images in an exact size, otherwise they get skewed and they can only be placed in one exact place on the page, you cannot move them a couple of centimetres to fit your design.

Thus, every platform has restrictions built in that you must accept in return for ease of use.

Coding a site gives freedom

There is one way to eliminate any restriction in your future website: ask an agency to code your website without using a platform! You will need an agency that knows how to code a website from scratch, but then you will never have any limitations in the requirements for your website. The design can be adapted in anyway you wish to adapt it. And for any future functionality that has to be added to your site (like specific calculators, any type of customer interaction, etc.) you are no longer dependant on the available third-party apps for the platform you use.

When you have a coded website you will no longer get the answer “that is not possible with your website” from your developer. If you used a specific platform, then you will have to switch to another platform and have someone build you a new website, if the missing functionality is business critical.

Added Advantages of a coded website

When you have a website coded from scratch, you did not have to buy a third party template or any third-party apps to create the website. This has two very large advantages:

1. You do not need to update every single item in your website (platform itself, design template and apps) every few months, because there is a security issue with the software. If you forget to update any of them once, you might have left a backdoor open for hackers.

2. Every year you will have to pay an extra fee for your design template and each app you are using. This means that on top of your hosting costs, you have these extra ongoing costs year after year.

With a coded website these issues do not exist and thus it makes your life a lot easier. Especially for a small business this can make a large difference.

Make sure you ask for a coded website as an alternative solution the next time you need a new website for your business.