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5 reasons to use Google Analytics with a business website

Business owner using Google Analytics - Enthral Design

Are you using Google Analytics with your website? If not, how do you know if the website is successful and where your sales come from? Without Google Analytics or similar apps to measure your website's traffic, your marketing is practically worhless.

Why use Google Analytics? Below you will find 5 important reasons why you should be using Google Analytics. There are many more reasons, but the 5 below will make sufficiently clear what the advantages are of using it.

1. The phone stops ringing Your website might go off-line, or any single part in your website might break down or be faulty from the very beginning. Google Analytics will tell you immediately where the error can be found and often also how to repair or improve the issue. ​ 2. Where do my visitors live? Your website could be extremely successful at attracting visitors, but until you use Google Analytics, you do not know where thos people come from. You might be attracting many overseas visitors, while you run a local shop or cafe. Nobody takes a plane for a cup of coffee. Knowing where your visitors come from will make clear how susscessful your site really is and how you could attract the right target group. ​ ​3. Why do my visitors not contact me? There aer many reasons why people do not stay on a site to buy something. They might get an incorrect impression of your site because of a bad design or flawed marketing messages. Google Analytics can show you issues on your site and pages with large drop-offs. This will allow you to improve the site and get visitors to contact you or buy something.

4. On which screen do visitors see my site? The way people experience your site is different between a laptop and a mobile phone. It is important to know what screen size is used most. Google Analytics will also show you how successful your site is on different screen sizes: how long do people stay on the site, how many pages do they visit, etc.

5. Which channel brings most sales? Google Analytics will show you how your visitors found your site: whether this be from Google (SEO), social media, or perhaps your newsletter. More importantly, it can show you how many sales each channel brought you. If visitors arriving from Facebook bring you five times as many sales as those from your newsletter, then it might be a good idea to lower your efforts on the newsletter, and instead spend more time on your Facebook campaigns. ​ There are many more advantages of using Analytics, but the most important one is that if you do not use it, you might be wasting a lot of time on the wrong marketing campaigns. Therefore it is best to install Google Analytics immediately at go live, even if you do not look at it yourself. If things go wrong, you can always ask an expert to have a look at your Analytics.

We assist small businesses for FREE with the installation of Google Analytics. We are also happy to do a one-time evaluation of your Analytics for you.

Contact us for more information:

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